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Arena Powerskin® R-Evo+


R-Evo+ Open Water SwimwearFINA 2010 approved swimwear logo


Powerskin R-Evo+ SwimwearFINA 2010 approved swimwear logo

Powerskin® R-EVO+ is the latest innovation in the Arena racing range. Made with a 100% textile material, Powerskin® R-EVO+ allows the swimmer to keep superb stability and body alignment during the stroke. Thanks to the high-tech Z-Raptor+ fabric, all Powerskin® R-EVO+ range suits guarantee maximum compression combined with unmatchable comfort.

Powerskin® R-EVO+ range features the advanced bonded seams system that allows low profiled, bonded seams. 

Powerskin® R-EVO+ range is ideal for all strokes and distances.



Arena Powerskin® R-Evo


R-Evolution SwimwearFINA 2010 approved swimwear logo

Powerskin® R-EVO is a technological jewel, which has proven to be the fastest and the lightest racking suit ever made with a 100% textile material.  Thanks to the high-tech, ultra-light Arena Stealth fabric (99gr/m2) all Powerskin® R-EVO suits weigh less than 100gr, guaranteeing maximum compression combined with unmatchable comfort.

The Powerskin® R-EVO range are the one and only racing suits featuring the patented Arena one-piece design which, in combination with an advanced thermo-bonding system, allows a 100% stitch-less construction, with zero seams on the front.

Powerskin® R-EVO also allows the swimmer to keep superb stability and body alignment during the stroke, reducing surface and form drag.



Arena Powerskin® XP Z-Raptor


 Powerskin XP Z-Raptor  FINA 2010 approved swimwear logo

Powerskin® XP delivers higher speed in swimming, thanks to its revolutionary Z-Raptor+ high-tech and ultra-light fabric (125gr/m2), which makes the suit smoother and more hydro-dynamic than any comparable suit for competition.

Thanks to Z-Raptor+ fabric features (35% Lycra®, with 100% horizontal / vertical elasticity), Powerskin® XP delivers optimal compression on the swimmers body, still guaranteeing maximum freedom of movement. Powerskin® XP also significantly reduces surface drag thanks to its pattern, optimized stitching and superior Teflon coating.



Arena Powerskin® ST X-Raptor


 Powerskin ST X-Raptor Swimwear FINA 2010 approved swimwear logo

Powerskin® ST is a highly performing racing swimsuit, made of X-Raptor, a powerful knitted fabric (90gr/m2) that guarantees strong compression as well as excellent durability in chlorinated water.

Powerskin® ST is designed to deliver an excellent level of performance, offered at particularly competitive prices.



Arena Waterfeel X-Life®


 Waterfeel X-Life

Waterfeel X-Life® is the newest Arena fabric dedicated to training activities.  Its high Lycra® fibre content is synonymous with comfort, fit and freedom of movement. 

Waterfeel X-Life® swimsuits offer 10 times more resistance to chlorine degradation and an enhanced protection from fit loss due to the harsh pool environment.

Waterfeel X-Life® is a highly technical performance fabric for competitive sports, providing muscle support and freedom of movement.



Arena Waternity®


 Arena Waternity Material Technology

Waternity® is the Arena fabric that is made to last.  Its extraordinary robustness will resist the effects of chlorine and sunlight.  In addition, its softness and easy-dry properties make it perfect for regular pool use.



Arena Body Lift®


 Arena Body Lift

BODYLIFT swimsuits shape and support a woman's generous curves and help her to look and feel more stylish, more comfortable and more at ease.  Integrated control panels, adjustable straps, stomach-flattening mesh and an integral bra are brought together in a powerful, highly compressive but silky-soft fabric.



Body Sensation®


 Arena Bodysensation swimwear logo

Arena BodySensation is the sixth sense of swimwear! 

The Sensitive range is a pleasure to wear.  It is a highly qualitative and comfortable fabric and the unique weave of Sensitive fibres makes the fabric elastic and light.  Thanks to its open, breathable construction, Sensitive guarantees maxiumum comfort in every situation.

Sensitive fabrics are created with eco-compatible technologies which allow energy and water to be saved naturally.