Triathletes prioritize potection from hits and wide vision.  The Arena open water goggle range has been designed with this in mind.  Open water swimmers who want a superb field of vision and crystal clear lenses need look no further!

Triathlon & Open Water Goggles

Arena Triathlon & Open Water Goggles

While goggles can seem like a basic piece of swim gear they can make or break your swim.

There is nothing worse than an ill fitting pair.  The last thing you want to do is have to stop and tread water  whilst trying to adjust them!

The right pair will stay in place, not fog up and not leak!!

There are so many designs to choose from.  There are the X-Sight which are large goggles with superb wide vision .  The ONE goggle which has been designed to fit all shapes of face.  You then have the Cobra Tri, Airspeed and Pythons which are much more streamlined.

The Arena Triathlon & Open Water Goggles range has something for everyone!

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