Training Aids


Arena training aids will help you to develop in all areas of swimming.  Whether it’s strength and style or you need to work to improve core stabilisation there will a tool to help.
Lower Body – Fins to develop a stronger, faster and more efficient technique.
Upper Body – Paddles and accessories to enhance the strength of arms and shoulders.
Breathing – Nose clips and the revolutionary freestyle breather set.
Core Stabilization – Snorkels, kickboards, pullbuoys and more for work on core position.  Great for both fitness and competitive swimmers.

Click on the section below for the area you need to focus on and you will be sure to find some Arena training aids to improve your swimming!

Arena training aids
The right Arena swimming equipment can make all the difference when training. Be it goggles which don’t leak or fins which stay on your feet.  Or it could be the specialised pieces which allow you to develop your skills and style.  It doesn’t matter if you are a pro swimmer who is refining their technique, a competitive swimmer developing strength and speed or a fitness swimmer just getting fitter!! Get yourself geared up and see what you can achieve, it may be a personal best sprint time or completing your fist 100m!

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