Pool bags & Luggage

The pool bags & luggage collection by Arena has something for everyone.  An innovative line of bags designed to make a swimmer’s life easier before and after their activity.  The dedicated roomy compartments make it quicker and more practical than ever to organise your gear and find it in a glance.

Based on classic and reliable designs they provide comfort plus  organisation.

Tailored for use in the gym, at the pool and also in triathlon.  The space management system simplifies storage, access and separation of wet and dry.  Reinforced bottoms protect content from wet floors.  Waterproof compartments in some of the bags allow for storage of wet gear without leaking….always a bonus!

Carabiner hooks on some designs of bags provide a secure and convenient way to hang the bag and open it up for access to its contents.  Bags that are specifically tailored and suited for triathlon have specific compartments to organise your gear.

From rucksacks to pool bags and shoe bags there will be somethng to suit in the Arena pool bags & luggage collection.

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