The towels range by Arena has all sizes and colours you could want! There are ones for the beach, ones for the pool and ones for the gym!

The Pool range is 190 x 150cm and made of 100% cotton.  The Terry cotton is 400gr quality.  These long towels are specifically designed for the pool.  They are available in an extra soft cotton or in a super lightweight and practical microfibre.

The Beach range is 170 x 90cm and uses 430gr Sheared Jacquard cotton.  These long towels are extra soft and designed specifically for the beach.

The Gym range is for exactly that.  Measuring 100 x 50cm they are the ideal size.  Available in a microfibre (80% polyester – 20% Polyamide) or cotton version.  They are designed to be used in the gym during your workout sessions!

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